Welcome to the world of
timeless wood veneers

Welcome to the world of timeless wood veneers

Bored with the monotonous and imperfect look and feel of those decorative pieces in wood, plywood, MDF or particle board that adorn your home or office? Welcome to the fascinating, plush and classy world of timeless wood veneers.
Wood veneers, in simple terms, are thin slices of natural wood, generally less than 1/40” thick. Veneers are typically laminated on to thicker core materials such as plywood, particle board and MDF to create elegant structural panels.

The advantages of wood veneer over normal wood or plywood are manifold

Wood veneer
is eco-friendly

In comparison to a 1” thick hardwood board, wood veneer cut at 1/40” will yield 40 times more decorative surface area than the wooden board.

It’s regal

The best and most interesting logs are cut into veneer. The myriad choices of different wood veneers in varying cuts offer many more options than it would be possible with hardwood.

It's stable

Since veneer is glued to a stable substrate, it produces surfaces that are not prone to warp, splitting or seasonal movement.

It’s versatile

Since each veneer sheet is unique, and no two trees in the world are identical, the choice is astounding. Thanks to its versatility and flexibility, architects and designers can incorporate wood veneer into their plans as complete interiors or as accents to other materials and mediums.

It makes the ‘cut’

Wood veneer is still real wood. But technology and tools allow the material to be sliced thin without wastage. Wood veneers get their unique look and character from the species of tree and the method of cutting, such as:

  • Plain Sawn

  • Quarter Sawn

  • Rift Cut

  • Flat Sliced

  • Faux Quarter Cutting

  • Rotary Peeling

  • Cutting from the Heart